Expense Waggle through your company

Get reimbursed for your Waggle subscription through your company as part of their L&D or tech budget.

Templates for reimbursement

Feel free to use our templates to help you negotiate your reimbursement with your company.

Hi [Name],

I hope you're well.

I recently subscribed to a service called Waggle, which is designed to help managers enhance team performance through strategic nudges and real-time analysis of team performance. I believe this could significantly improve our team's efficiency and effectiveness.

Could we discuss the possibility of the company reimbursing this expense? I am confident that the benefits Waggle provides will be well worth the investment. They also offer enterprise discounts if you think this could be useful for others in our company.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to discussing this further at your earliest convenience, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me or take a look at their site: https://www.usewaggle.ai/

Best regards,

[Your Name]


Hey [Name],

How's it going?

I just got on board with a tool called Waggle—it's all about boosting team performance with smart management nudges and tracking our team's progress in real time. I'm already seeing some neat insights and ways it could help us.

Do you think we could swing a reimbursement for the subscription? I feel like it could really make a difference for us. They do enterprise deals if you think anyone else would be interested in using it, too.

Here's their site if you want to take a look at it: https://www.usewaggle.ai/

Thanks a ton! Speak soon.


[Your Name]


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