Ensure everyone in your team lives up to your company culture
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Designed to empower leaders who want to ensure that the organization not only states its values but lives them through the actions and decisions of its teams, daily.

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The Waggle UI showing helpful management tips for a meeting.

Start-up founders love Waggle

"Management is too often describe as a chore when it is really the engine of a company. Using Waggle helps me make the most of my meetings with my team and actually drive value! I can't tell you the headspace it saves to have it running along side me each day."

Photo of Kristen Shannon


CEO at Highlighner Technology

"Using Waggle is like having a dedicated on field coach in sport.

Every meeting is a play and every day is a new match. Having that coach whisper in my ear is the cadence I want to have".


CEO at Element Human

"I use Waggle to be more productive and save time, so I can be there when my team needs me."

Photo of Hadrien


Co-founder & CTO at Qantev

"Waggle generated an agenda for my 1:1 that I hardly had to edit. It also gave me suggested timings for each part of the meeting."

Photo of Julien


Data Scientist at Qantev

"Since we started using Waggle, 100% of our meetings lead to actions."

Photo of Tarik


Co-founder & CEO at Qantev

"Waggle provided me with exactly what I needed to help ensure I was prepped to have productive conversations with my direct reports with minimal time investment. I've noticed both me and my direct reports leave our meetings happier and with more clarity."

Photo of Cathy Coleman


Principal Advisor at The Behavioural Insights Team

"Before Waggle, I was drowning in admin tasks and struggling to find time to prepare for meetings. The automated action items and custom agendas have been a game-changer. They save me hours each week."

Photo of Guillaume


Engineering Manager at GoCardless

Uncover the invisible dynamics of company culture, at a glance

AI Company Insights

Replicate successful team strategies across the organization

Waggle helps identify which teams are more engaged or more goal focused than others. Understanding variations across different contexts and take action to apply what’s working well in one team and foster a more inclusive and motivating work environment.

Weak Signals

Proactively Address Challenges at Their Onset

Waggle empowers you to nip potential issues in the bud—whether it's talent retention, underperformance, or skill disparities—often before they're perceived as problems by team leaders.
By shining a light on even the minutest concerns, which may currently seem isolated within one team but have the potential to affect others or escalate over time, Waggle ensures you're always one step ahead.

Real Time Insights

Overcome limitations of traditional feedback

Waggle transcends the biases and uncertainties of surveys and personal observations by harnessing live, aggregated data from ongoing interactions and engagements. This approach delivers immediate, relevant insights into your company's current dynamics, not outdated feedback.

Aggregated Data

Objective and Anonymized Insights

Waggle provides these insights through aggregated, anonymized data, ensuring that the focus remains on overall team dynamics and value alignment without compromising individual privacy.
This objective approach helps companies foster a culture of trust and openness, where values are lived and celebrated. The insights focus on group dynamics and overall trends rather than individual behaviors, ensuring that the tool enhances understanding without compromising trust.

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Visualize the Invisible in Team Dynamics

Is assessing the pulse of your company culture akin to reading tea leaves?
Waggle makes it easy to understand and improve team spirit.

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