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Waggle is the AI co-pilot turning your managers into effective leaders through automated task management, real-time coaching, and streamlined meeting prep.

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The Waggle UI showing helpful management tips for a meeting.
The Waggle UI showing helpful management tips during a meeting.
Smart suggestions
A management tip from Waggle about arranging a 1 to 1 with someone.A management tip from Waggle suggesting they send a note to a team member who presented well.A management tip from Waggle suggesting sending a summary email for a meeting.

Why Waggle works

Prioritize tasks and balance role responsibilities when you know exactly what needs to be done

The battle to stay organized and efficient amongst the start-up chaos is never ending but with your manager dashboard you can keep on top of action items, upcoming meetings, and tasks in one place.

Managing multiple people? Handling IC responsibilities alongside managing? Managing up? It all just got easier.

Prepare for meetings and follow through with action items on auto-pilot

Bouncing between meetings and tasks leaves little time to prepare. With task automation you can create meetings and build agendas in a ready-to-use template that incorporates action items from previous ones.

Your direct reports get focused 121s while you're fully informed and able to support their development and performance needs. Win!

Put management best practice into practice, every time

It's one thing to know what to do, it's another to actually do it.

Waggle finds tasks you give verbally in meetings and assigns them to relevant team members, placing it on their to-do list so that it doesn't fall through the cracks.

It even catches if crucial details are missing (like a deadline!) and nudges you to add them.

Learn how to lead each member of your team, in every situation, as it arises

Waggle is your AI co-pilot, there to give you direction when you need it most. It listens in on your calls and provides real-time feedback, coaching you to be a better manager and cater to the needs of your team.

From sending you specific questions to ask your report to telling you to talk less and listen more—Waggle adapts to your leadership skills gaps and helps you fill them.

Waggle helping a manager optimize their calendar.
A calendar entry with Waggle providing a helpful management tip ahead of it taking place.
A video call with Waggle providing useful management tips.
A management tip from Waggle suggesting they send a note to a team member who presented well.

Don't just take our word for it

"Management is too often described as a chore when it is really the engine of a company. Using Waggle helps me make the most of my meetings with my team and actually drive value! I can't tell you the headspace it saves to have it running along side me each day."

Photo of Kristen Shannon


CEO at Highlighner Technology

"Using Waggle is like having a dedicated on field coach in sport.

Every meeting is a play and every day is a new match. Having that coach whisper in my ear is the cadence I want to have".


CEO at Element Human

"I use Waggle to be more productive and save time, so I can be there when my team needs me."

Photo of Hadrien


Co-founder & CTO at Qantev

"Waggle generated an agenda for my 1:1 that I hardly had to edit. It also gave me suggested timings for each part of the meeting."

Photo of Julien


Data Scientist at Qantev

"Since we started using Waggle, 100% of our meetings lead to actions."

Photo of Tarik


Co-founder & CEO at Qantev

"Waggle provided me with exactly what I needed to help ensure I was prepped to have productive conversations with my direct reports with minimal time investment. I've noticed both me and my direct reports leave our meetings happier and with more clarity."

Photo of Cathy Coleman


Principal Advisor at The Behavioural Insights Team

"Before Waggle, I was drowning in admin tasks and struggling to find time to prepare for meetings. The automated action items and custom agendas have been a game-changer. They save me hours each week."

Photo of Guillaume


Engineering Manager at GoCardless

Features designed with managers in mind

AI Note-Taker

Be in the moment with your team while AI takes notes and tells you how to improve.

Waggle keeping a transcript of meetings automatically.
Automated Action Items

Rely on AI to accurately assign action items and give you oversight on what needs doing.

Research and data-backed.


Connect Waggle to Slack, Zoom, G-Suite, Microsoft, and more.

Waggle integration with Microsoft, Slack, Google and Zoom.
Team Collaboration

Bring your team together in one place to prepare for meetings and track tasks.

A group of people in a team.
Calendar Optimization

Manage your time better and make sure nothing gets missed with daily tips from Waggle.

Waggle helping a manager optimize their calendar.
AI Agenda Builder

Spend seconds not hours creating custom agendas for meetings with your team.

Waggle helping to automatically plan an agenda.

You don't have to manage on your own

Your team performs best when you do

Put management best practice on
auto-pilot with Waggle

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