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FREE DOWNLOAD - 1-1 meeting template for managers

How can you run more effective and productive 1-1s with your team?

It starts with knowing what to ask and ends with following through on agreed action items. (Plus a large sprinkling of emotional intelligence somewhere in between).

Download this free 1-1 meeting template and get the structure and guidance you need to run 1-1s that leave your direct reports feeling supported and ready to perform.

About this template:

It's designed to keep discussions on track (while leaving room to pivot when needed) and make each 1-1 an opportunity for growth. No more wasted time, no more awkward silences.

There's two versions of this template available. One lives in Notion and the other is a Google Doc.

Once you submit the form, you'll get sent a link over email where you choose the version that slots effortlessly into your working ways.

Further instructions for use, helpful management prompts, and additional resources can all be found within the template.

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